12 Pack Mini Roller Bottles Case, Hard Round Carrying Case Bag with Dram Amber Roller Bottles, Glass Bottle Bundle Essential Oils Case, Perfect for Roller and Standar Bottles 2ml Review

12 Pack Mini Roller Bottles Case, Hard Round Carrying Case Bag with Dram Amber Roller Bottles, Glass Bottle Bundle Essential Oils Case, Perfect for Roller and Standar Bottles 2ml

  • ★THE PERFECT TRAVEL CASE – The perfect size that is large enough to fit 12 standard and rollers 2ml, a completely universal design, 2ml will fit as well but you will not fit as many total oils in the case with 2ml. The perfect on the go accessory (fits virtually anywhere). Take it with you wherever you go with the convenient carrying handle as well.
  • ★PREMIUM QUALITY – Made from the strongest premium top quality EVA material that is sturdy, shock proof and flexible to hold various sizes of oils. When you close the quality zipper you will feel at ease knowing that your oils and accessories are safe for the next time you open the case again.
  • ★THE BEST VALUE – Our Essential Oils Case is much higher quality than other higher priced and different style cases and best of all you get to store more and different sized Essential Oils in one convenient case!
  • ★FREE CONVENIENT BONUSES – Included with our essential oils storage and carrying case you will also get a handy roller bottle opener for free! You will always have the ideal tool/ key on hand to quickly remove tricky caps easily without using your fingernails or a knife.
  • ★REUSABLE & REFILLABLE – Our long lasting bottles can be reusable, you can easily refill those back any time! Essential Oils Opener is ready to remove the orifice reducer insert or press on roller bottles caps for those tiny sample bottles with standard 2ml.

Product Description:
Carrying Small Essential Oil Roller Bottles would Be Risky! If you just throw a filled roller bottle in your bag, it is very likely to leak and create an aromatic yet sticky mess! However, if you first place the roller bottles in this12 pack mini roller bottles case , you can rest reassured that this unfortunate scenario will never happen! And the 2 ml essential oil bottles are just perfect for putting your personal touch in making your own oil blends. Its is also convenient for traveling, no need to bring a huge bottle of oil on the road with you, then you use these amber bottles to contain a smaller amount and bring them with you. These bottles comes in a radiant amber in color that helps to protect the contents from harmful UV rays.

Take It With You Even When You Travel:
The size of these bottles are just right to fit in your backpack . And the essential oil roller bottles 2ml, is good to bring if you’re not intending to use to use any cosmetic that isn’t yours. It has a leak-proof design that guarantees no explosions while you’re on the go; its simply the best traveling companion you could ever have!

How to use the Essential Oils Opener?

Step 1: Removing the orifice reducer insert: Just push down the reducer against the opener until it pops out.

Step 2: Closing the orifice reduce insert: Once the reducer pops out, please find the suitable hole in the center of the opener. Then place it on the right hole on the top of reducer and press it down.
Which is the best color of glass bottles for essential oils?
The amber color is highly suggested if you are concerned about ultraviolet protection. The other colors have become popular because most glass bottles are stored in a dark environment––so UV protection is not usually a top concern. While dark bottles like blue or violet may limit visible light they lack the UV protection of amber glass.

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